What is emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a form of social intelligence, Dr. Morgado defined it as the ability to generate, to recognize and to express our own and other people emotions, looking with empathy for the most satisfactory resolution for the situations. The empathic individual is a subject capable of expressing and understanding emotional language (gestures, posture, tone of voice, facial expressions) and controlling his/her emotional impulses, so that, without repressing himself/herself, he/she can express in a socially accepted way.

The individual with emotional intelligence can express at the time, form and appropriate intensity, he/she can recognize the mood of others, he/she is capable of self-motivation, perseverance and increasing his/her performance by regulating his/her effort, he/she knowns how to transcend himself/herself and be creative and avoid failures (Morgado, I., Emotion and Reason in the brain). Emotional intelligence provides many advantages that help us to resolve situations in a favorable way. It is not surprising that an increase in this intelligence gives great benefits on a social level, therefore we should focus our efforts on improving it. This improvement is related to a deep understanding of oneself, the development of empathy, emotional regulation, the increase of productive social skills for oneself and for others. It is not an easy task but it is worth trying.