The Gaze

The visual system is one of the sensory systems that provides us with information about the environment around us. Both the quantity and the quality of the visual information that we acquire is vital to properly develop any activity.

When referring to individuals in sport environments, we find that several steps are necessary for the execution of a particular action. In the first, the athlete must be able to perceive the action which would be required to perform and represent it internally using cognitive, perceptual and neural structures. In the second stage, the athlete would have to select the best action from the whole range of existing possibilities, and in the last phase, he/she should be able to implement the chosen action. There is no doubt that a higher quality of visual information not only allows a better perception of the situation, but also a better motor programming.

From the above, we can deduce that an improvement in the visual quality will result in an increase in athletic performance. The entry of information is through the eyes. GAZE is defined as the absolute position of the eyes in space, which depends on the position of the eyes in their orbits and the position of the head in space. The correct location of the eyes at the right moment will be crucial in increasing visual quality.